Club Directors
While the app itself is used primarily by your athletes, the truth is that it was really built for you.

If you are like most of the directors we've come across, you're sending out lots of emails with workouts on them. Maybe you're even using a Google calendar (or two or five). And you've been successful with this approach.

But we all have a love - hate relationship with emails. They're great when they first come in at the start of the week. The runners get to see their schedule for the week. But by Thursday or so, that email is 112th on their inbox, and people are emailing you asking where to be and what the workout is that day.

Not always the most efficient way to communicate with your athletes.
Enter WeRun.club
Here is where WeRun.club is different.

You post your training schedule for the week (or longer if you like). Whenever your athletes are curious about the schedule, they simply open the app on their phone or tablet. They are immediately greeted with full details of today's workout - time, place, details, maps, and driving directions from wherever they are at that moment.

With a single tap, they can see their full training schedule - complete with details of each workout.
Oh, and there is more. Much more.
How does this work?
As a WeRun.club director, you have complete access to the web interface. At the top of this page, you probably noticed a log in button. This is your portal to maintaining this data. We've built an entire back-end database along with customized algorithms that make it almost effortless to build workouts for your athletes. Whether you have a few dozen runners meeting at the same location, or a hundreds of runners scattered around various locations in your metropolitan area, the data couldn't be any easier to maintain.

But don't take our word for it. Send us an email and we'll give you a guided tour.
Yada, yada, yada - get to the point
We know. Enough already. What is this world-changing app going to cost? Well, the app itself is free to download and install. There are two pricing options:

Option 1 - Athlete Funded Model
If you want the cost to be borne by your athletes, they can purchase either an annual subscription for $7.99 or a monthly subscription of $0.99.

Option 2 - Club Funded Model
If you would prefer that the club pick up this cost, it works like this:
Monthly Fee
Athlete CountPer Runner
First 10 runners$0.75
Next 25 runners$0.60
Next 25 runners$0.40
Next million runners$0.25
more than 1,100,000 runnersFree!
We are also willing to consider other fee structures if this one isn't a fit for your club model. Just contact us to discuss.