Coaches, we haven't forgotten about you. But first, let's define what we mean by a 'coach' in our app. A coach to us is someone who directly oversees the training progress of specific runners. This means that, at least when wearing this hat, you aren't interested in setting the training schedule, but rather observing how your runners are doing while they are following it.

Are they improving? Are the injured? Are they overtraining?

This is your domain.
Runner Logs
There are two primary features in the app that are of direct interest to coaches. When the runner first registers, they are prompted to select a personal coach from the roster of coaches in your club.

The second feature is that each runner has the ability to make log entries where they can make observations of any of their workouts.

Having been selected as a runner's personal coach, you have visibility to these workout logs and can make comments on them. As you make these comments, the app notifies the runner that a comment awaits them, thereby completing the process.

It is also worth mentioning that the app contains a screen that makes it very easy for a runner to send you either email or text messages. In the setup of the club, your club directory can allow for you to opt out of text messaging, if that is your preference.
But how?
Receiving emails or text messages is obvious, but how do you gain access to these logs? This functionality is yet to be developed, but in the very near future we will be creating a web portal for you that will display these logs, noting which of them you have already seen. This is where you can make comments.

We also intend to create a special 'WeRun.club Coaches' app that will allow you to see these logs and make comments straight from your phone. More on this later...