Race Directors
WeRun.club is a perfect complement to your race. Lots of people sign up for races with no idea how to train for them, and wind up never getting to the starting line. Still others might have hit a plateau in their race performance as a result of following their own running plan.

WeRun.club can help increase both your registrations and the percentage of people who actually show up on race day.
Your plan or ours?
In all likelihood, as the director of a race, you are either an experienced runner/coach yourself, or you are already in close contact with people who are. You can design your own training program customized to your course and your racers.

Alternatively, we partner with experienced coaches who can provide training programs for your race. These programs can be customized not only to your specific course, but also to the various levels of experience of the runners that you are targeting. Typically, our training programs run from 12 to 16 weeks in duration.

Please contact us for more information on training programs.
The price to use WeRun.club for your race is $4.99 per runner.

You add this as an option from your registration page, setting your own price. You can charge nothing, choosing to include as part of the race package. You can also simply pass the cost along to the runner or even mark it up to make it an additional source of profit.

That choice is up to you.

We will work with you to automate the registration process. For each runner who elects to use WeRun.club, the ideal scenario is that your server sends a message to our server with the required information (athlete name and email address). Our server handles it from there, sending registration data directly to the athlete.