We all have something in common
Each runner's goals are as unique as the runner themselves. But whether we want to set a new PR, cover a distance that we previously thought was beyond our capabilities, shed a few pounds, or just be as fit and healthy as we can, there is one thing that ties us all together:


Religiously following a training schedule is the key that gets us all to our goals.

That is the reason this app exists.
Never miss a workout
WeRun.club is the link between you and your running plan. Some of us belong to clubs that meet at various times during the week at locations that change to accomodate hill workouts, trail runs, track intervals, or whatever your club director has cooked up that day.

Others of us prefer to run alone with our thoughts or our music, but still want the professional coaching that goes along with a defined training program.

Either way, WeRun.club makes sure that when it is time to put your running shoes on, you know where to be and what to do.
No more making it up as you go along.
Find a club or a race
Finding the right training club or program is really important. WeRun.club partners with the best. If you don't already have a club or program that you follow, here are a couple to consider. If you do, but yours is not currently available on WeRun.club, ask your club or race director to contact us.
We think that our app is awesome, but we know that it is only as good as the coach who comes up with the training program.
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